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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’ve never exercised before, can I really do CrossFit?


Of course. The best part of CrossFit Lanista is the emphasis we place on teaching proper movements to beginners and our programming designed specifically for anyone that is new to CrossFit or exercise in general.

What happens if I don’t know how to do all the movements or don’t understand the workout?


Coaches teach all of the basic movements done in CrossFit during our classes. You will learn everything you need to know to complete any CrossFit workout. Also, at every workout, our coaches will guide you through getting setup and selecting a workout option that is right for your fitness level so that you are challenged but not overwhelmed.


What is a WOD?


An abbreviation for the workout of the day


I have an injury, can I still do CrossFit?


CrossFit is not only a general physical preparedness program, it is also rehabilitative in that it takes the body through a full range of motion about the joint. Proper movement stimulates healing by generating blood flow to the affected areas. How we approach injuries is a learning process between you and us. We want to know the when and what of the injury. From there we can attack the “how to heal”. We have two options for this. We can explain to you our methods and you can scale the WOD’s appropriately or we can arrange personal training session to get you on the healing path.


Do you allow Kids at CrossFit Lanista?


Yes! We are proud to offer a child friendly space for our members. We understand childcare can be expensive and not always an option, so to better serve our members we have a children's room seperate from the main workout area, complete with a small selection of toys and a Roku TV to entertain. You can always bring your children with you to class, we just ask that they remain in the children's room or safely away from the main workout area. For the safety of your kiddos and our members, we ask that all children stay away from the rig and lifting platforms while class is in session.


Do you have a guest policy?


We love you and all your friends. Please see our drop-in policy below.


I am traveling and want to drop-in for 1 day/a week/a month, etc.

We love having drop-ins. You can check out our schedule here for class-times and spaces. You can setup an account and sign-up as a drop-in. The drop-in fee is $20 for one class, $50 for a week, $120 for a month of unlimited classes. Please try and arrive at least 10 minutes early to fill out a waiver and meet the coaches. Please be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your workout.