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3 Ways to sneak veggies into your meals

Three Ways to Sneak Veggies Into Your Meals

I know, I know. I say “veggies”, you say “salad” and your eyes start to roll back and you think,”I just can’t eat salads with every meal! I get soooooo sick of them.”

Guess what, so do I.

My 16-year-old daughter wanted to start eating better so I taught her the plate method and showed her how to but a nice healthy meal together. A week later she is on the couch with a family sized bag of Doritos. When I asked her about eating healthier, she said “Dad, I’m just so sick of salads and there is nothing else I can eat! I just NEED chips.” I handed her a bag of kale chips instead, and I could see myself losing the Dad Of The Year trophy right there.

So how do you sneak veggies into your diet without resorting to salads every time?

Here are three simple ways to sneak veggies into your day:

1. Drink your veggies.

Add two cups of green leafy vegetables to a fruit or protein shake. I use the Power Greens from Costco, a mixture of kale, chard and spinach. You will be surprised how little you taste the vegetables. Your yummy smoothie just turned into a nutrient packed power house.

2. Salsa with them!

You can make a great salsa using just veggies. A good recipe for Salsa Mexicana contains only onions, tomatoes, cilantro, salt, serrano pepper and lime. Chop the tomatoes and onions in to small chunks, add the rest of the ingredients to taste. I would give you the portions and measurements, but Silvia is a Mexican native and never measures anything when making salsa and, living in Arizona, you could ask 100 people how much of each to use and every one of them will tell you something different! Also, there is something about if you add the salt and lime in the wrong order then the whole thing will never taste right and I always get it wrong (apparently).

Anyway, fresh salsa is good on just about everything and you can add it freely to your meals and get another serving of veggies.

3. Sticking with the regional food theme, your can wrap your veggies.

Next time you are craving Mexican food, make yourself a burrito. Just throw a handful of veggies in with your favorite protein source add some of that salsa and wrap it in a low carb tortilla. Voila, another serving of veggies. Not int the mood for a burrito? Use the same method and make a sandwich wrap.

According to the CDC, the recommended daily vegetable intake is 3 cups per day. Salad is an excellent way to reach that threshold but finding other ways to include your vegetables is a great way to improve your nutrition and not get tired of eating the same thing every day.