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CrossFit Lanista is our first business. When we bought it in 2017, we thought it would be fun to own a gym. How hard could it be? We found out very quickly that it is very hard. We had no idea what we were doing. I researched, read articles, listened to podcasts and lost a lot of sleep trying to figure out how to improve. After a while, I realized that we needed help. After even more research, I found a great company to do just that. Chris Cooper's Two-Brain Business and a great coach, Josh Martin. They have helped me learn to chase my goals instead of chasing rabbits. They have coached me in how to run a business and helped me avoid venturing into some box canyons.

At CrossFit Lanista, we provide you with great coaches with varied backgrounds. Here is why we all need coaches:

There’s too much information out there. You can't know everything and you know you can’t do everything. A lot of it looks—or sounds—good. But what is really right for you and your goals?

I’m talking about nutrition plans, supplements, workout programs or even daily WODs.

But you can’t do it all, and trying to do too much will actually set you back. Silvia and I are both guilty! Everyone knows about overtraining, and we all worry about getting injured. But most don’t realize there’s an optimal amount of training to do, just as there’s an optimal amount of food to eat.

Too little, and your progress will be slow. But doing too many workouts has the exact same effect.

We choose CrossFit and Box Programming for our group training because they provide a great balance: It’s not too little and it’s not too much. But even as hard as our workouts are, a lot of us are tempted to do more: to add a little “recovery run,” or even to do multiple workouts in a day. This is NOT the path to success.

More is NOT better. Better is better.

You have a coach. That coach is your filter.

Your coaches are here to tell you what’s optimal, not what’s minimal.

At CrossFit Lanista, our coaches want to talk to you every 3-4 months. One-on-one, in person. We want to put you on the InBody, ask about your goals, review your progress and then give you the best possible prescription for meeting your goals. Manny is in the process of doing this with the Barbell Club members now.

Here’s a link to book the goal review. It’s part of your membership!

Book your appointment here. If you would like to have your appointment with a specific coach, just send us a text or email and we can help set it up.

What we DON’T want is for you to have to guess.

We don’t want you to try fad diets just because someone else is doing them. We don’t want you to drink a gallon of milk a day just because you saw it online. We don’t even want you to do what everyone else in the gym is doing, because their program is theirs. It’s not yours. Train in a group, tailor individually: That’s what our coaches do.

You have a coach.

They’re a filter.

Next time you see a workout online and think, “Oooooh, that looks spicy! Gotta try it after the 5 AM tomorrow!” ask your coach if it fits your goals. Take it from someone who has tried or been tempted by all of the fads. Use your coach and work better not harder.

Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at Catalystgym.com.